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Hiring Services: Terms & Conditions

  1. FEE: The fee for NONPROFIT HIRING SERVICES is $2,000 per position.

  2. PAYMENTS: A non-refundable retainer equal to half of the fee ($1,000 per position) will be due upon signing the REQUEST FOR NONPROFIT HIRING SERVICES. The remaining half of the fee ($1,000) for each position will be due upon presentation of that position’s first candidate.

  3. DELIVERABLES: Talbott Talent will provide the following nonprofit services:

    • Discovery conversation with Client 

    • Job posting submission 

    • Collection of applicant materials 

    • Evaluation of applicants 

    • Behavioral-based interviews 

    • Presentation of top candidate(s) 

    • Client interview scheduling & coaching 

    • Interview debriefs & hiring recommendation 

    • Reference checks 

    • Negotiation of offer

  4. CANDIDATE SOURCING: Candidates will be sourced through job posting(s). Candidates will not be recruited.

  5. CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY: For a successful outcome, Client agrees to give full cooperation, providing detailed and accurate information about wages, benefits, and everything a successful candidate is expected to have in the way of experience, skills, and qualifications. This also includes responding to requests for input, feedback and information requested by Talbott Talent in a timely manner. If at any time, the position, title, responsibilities, or job description for a position are altered so significantly that a new pool of candidates must be sourced, a new REQUEST FOR NONPROFIT HIRING SERVICES must be submitted by Client. In the event this occurs, Client will not be entitled to any refund of the prior fee or retainer and a new fee will be due for the new position. 

  6. GUARANTEE: Talbott Talent does not guarantee candidate placements resulting from NONPROFIT HIRING SERVICES. Guarantees are only provided for exclusive, retained, recruitment-based executive searches. 

  7. CONFIDENTIALITY: Talbott Talent will keep all information provided by and collected from Client and Client’s employees completely confidential from outside parties and will only share activities and information as designated by Client. Client will keep all Talbott Talent’s strategy, process, and work product confidential from outside parties. Client and Talbott Talent also agree to keep confidential the information gathered and provided concerning candidates evaluated.

  8. EXPENSES: Expenses for travel within Central Indiana, materials and handouts for meetings, and technology costs to deliver services are included in the fee for each position. Any additional expenses incurred will be reimbursed by Client to Talbott Talent, upon prior written approval by Client.

  9. TERMS: Client’s signature on the REQUEST FOR NONPROFIT HIRING SERVICES confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions. Invoices not paid in full within 10 days are subject to a late fee charge of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance until paid in full. In the event a third party is required for collection of a debt, Talbott Talent will be entitled to collection, court costs and reasonable attorney fees in the State of Indiana. 

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