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Vice President of Strategy and Innovation

Kelly Gagnon joined Talbott Talent as the VP of Strategy and Innovation in November 2021. She came to Talbott Talent with over 15 years in nonprofit 501(c)3 leadership and nonprofit training/consulting. Kelly spent 5 years as an entrepreneur with a business serving nonprofits. As Kelly grew and developed her business, she decided she wanted to make a bigger and more sustainable impact in the nonprofit space, and she couldn’t do it alone. So, she joined our team!

Prior to joining Talbott Talent, Kelly was the owner of Grit HQ, a boutique nonprofit marketing company. Along with conducting a board basics bootcamp, she trained over 500 nonprofits on how to use marketing, social media, and impactful storytelling to get others to know and care about their nonprofit organizations... and act. She was the co-host of the podcast Nonprofit Girlbosses and hosted Nonprofit Strategy Nerd - a YouTube channel to help nonprofits run efficiently and effectively. 


Kelly also served as the Director of Public Relations and Development at Macon Resources, a $16 mil operating budget disability service provider. Prior to her at Macon Resources, Kelly served as the Director of Adult Education at Richland Community College, where she diversified revenue streams, increased student outcomes, and transitioned the program over two fiscal years to one of the top-performing programs in Illinois. 

Kelly is location independent with bases in both Fort Wayne, Indiana and Mexico City, Mexico. Kelly spends much of her free time building communities of like-minded people to discuss business innovation, financial independence, and considerations of international couples. In 2021 Kelly co-founded two Women in Business Masterminds (one in Playa del Carmen and one in Mexico City) focused on business growth, sales, and mission alignment. On weekends and holidays, Kelly can be found traveling, cooking, spending time with friends and family, or hiking with her partner, Luis, and dog, Arya.



  • Actualizer 

  • Woo 

  • Achiever 

  • Communication 

  • Strategic


Core Workplace Values: 

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