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At Talbott Talent, we believe that values are more than a list of nice buzz words. They are action words that we seek to exemplify. They are the living principles guiding how we conduct ourselves - both with clients and with each other - and serve as the foundation of our business.


Our clients are our partners, and together we build a shared vision of success for your project.


When we search for and recruit candidates, we encourage them to bring their whole selves to the process and only recommend placement when it’s a clear win. for both the candidate and our client. Earning and keeping our clients’ and candidates’ trust is a top priority, and we will prove to be a reliable and loyal partner before, during, and long after our work together. 

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.


We have an abundance mindset, meaning we believe that the opportunities in life and business are limitless. This mindset gives our team the confidence to take risks and encourages innovative problem solving.


An abundance attitude allows us to be generous with our time and resources, and this translates to positive and meaningful engagements with our clients and the larger nonprofit community.  


Our team knows that if we want extraordinary results—in any area of life—we have to put in extraordinary effort. 

We’ve been described as high-touch in our approach to working with clients, and we are driven to exceed expectations. When you engage with a member of the Talbott Talent team, you can expect a knowledgeable and courteous professional that achieves results every time. 


We don't take ourselves too seriously. A big part of Talbott Talent’s success lies in our people. Our people thrive in a work culture that is pleasant, inclusive—and dare we say, fun!—and you can’t achieve that without a bit of humor and humility.


And if (when!) we mess up, we own our mistakes and will do everything we can to make it right.  



We believe that diversity of thought, values, and perspectives lead to the best possible outcomes for organizations, which is why we prioritize DEI considerations in our work with clients and in our own work culture.

Our recruitment strategies are designed to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates, and our consulting services consistently promote solutions that lead to more inclusive and equitable work environments.


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