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Talbott Talent Boosts Synergize's Ripple of Impact

Author: Heather Hunter

From left to right: Arron Stanton, founder of Synergize; Samantha LaMar, Founder of Roundabout Fitness, a client of Talbott Talent; and Leah York, CAE, President of Talbott Talent

CARMEL, IN-- Talbott Talent is thrilled to announce a new Ripples of Impact (ROI) partnership with Synergize, a Carmel-based professional group prioritizing long-term relationships and community impact. As a partner, Talbott Talent will donate a customized, facilitated board development session to a nonprofit organization each time they place a nonprofit CEO. 

As part of their 2021 plan for community contribution, Synergize is redefining ROI as “Ripples of Impact”. Their ROI partners, now including Talbott Talent, each commit to donating time, money, or skill towards community impact. “It’s kind of a ‘pay-it-forward’ concept,” explains Arron Stanton, founder of Synergize. “Synergize can start the ripples, but our ROI partners use their own niches to help those ripples gain momentum. We work together to impact as many lives as possible.”

Synergize’s emphasis on impact aligns closely with Talbott Talent’s work. The executive search and consulting firm strengthens organizations by focusing on their people. “One-hundred percent of our clients are nonprofits, and our team is very proud of that,” says Leah York, President of Talbott Talent. An expert in her field, York held C-Level positions and advised boards of directors nationwide prior to founding Talbott Talent in 2017. She is also a Legacy Member of Synergize.

Talbott Talent will customize these board development sessions for smaller organizations who would otherwise likely not be able to afford a consultant. “Supporting a board’s development strengthens the CEO/Board relationship which is foundational for the CEO’s success in advancing the organization’s mission,” says York. “With this partnership, we can use our team’s expertise to sustain the impact both of our companies are making. It isn’t a stretch for us, because Talbott Talent already has a ‘Ripples of Impact’ mindset in everything we do.” 

About Talbott Talent

Talbott Talent is a team of experienced professionals providing executive search and consulting services exclusively to nonprofit organizations nationwide. Their people-focused approach helps organizations serve their missions more effectively for years to come. Contact their team at 

About Synergize

Synergize creates intentional friendships centered on world-changing impact. Their community has made a commitment to reject transaction-based networking, focusing instead on the legacy their relationships can create. If you’re interested in learning more about Synergize, their Ripples of Impact initiative, and how they’re flipping the script on professional connections, visit


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