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Talbott Tidbits: IBJ Interview with Angela Freeman

Article Author: Leah York, CAE, President of Talbott Talent

Last summer, I caught an Indianapolis Business Journal interview with Angela Freeman, where she shared valuable advice regarding hiring biases with Mason King. Freeman is an Indianapolis-based attorney who regularly volunteers with nonprofits and has participated on search committees. I appreciate her perspective and no-nonsense delivery and I think you will too.

Read my favorite bits below and listen to the full interview: Advice for Hiring and Nurturing a Diverse Workforce.

1. We’re often unaware of all the obstacles successful people representing minority populations have overcome – which demonstrates significant grit, determination and character – that other candidates may not have encountered.

2. Make sure your existing organizational culture is open and prepared for your new, diverse team members.

3. Be intentional in your position profile regarding diversity, if that is an organizational goal.

4. Qualified, diverse candidates can be difficult to find and recruit but hiring for diversity should not lower the bar. Look for qualified candidates regardless of diversity.


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