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TALBOTT TALENT emerged from decades of firsthand experience in the nonprofit and recruiting sectors. Having facilitated CEO searches with nonprofit boards of directors and finding that approach did not yield the best results, Leah York partnered with an award-winning, veteran recruiter to co-found Talbott Search.

Leah quickly differentiated the company from other search firms by working exclusively with nonprofit organizations across the country, using time-tested, old-school recruiting techniques rather than posting on job boards and social media, then waiting for the candidates to show up.

Conversations with nonprofit CEOs and board presidents about it not being enough to have the right people, that they also need those people in the right seats, later led Leah to expand services into organizational effectiveness, as it relates to talent, and re-branded her company with a new look and a new name - TALBOTT TALENT.

TALBOTT TALENT works to build a winning team for organizations, to serve their mission and create a long-lasting legacy. Exceptional people create exceptional nonprofits and we are here to find them.

But what about the name, TALBOTT?

Leah loves it when people ask her about the origin of her company name because it gives her an opportunity to talk about her brother, Talbott. One month prior to launching her business, Talbott succumbed to brain cancer at just forty years old. A natural-born entrepreneur, Talbott, having just dropped out of his freshman year of college, launched his first tech start-up at the age of nineteen by running a T1 line up to the apartment he shared with Leah. And this was at a time when most people used dial-up service, if they used any internet at all! Talbott's willingness to take risks, to be creative and follow his dreams inspired Leah to launch a business that would impact nonprofits and the communities and industries they serve - and that ripple effect begins with the right leaders.

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