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Organization Spotlight: The O'Connor House

Leah York, President of Talbott Talent, is also a board member at the O'Connor House. The O'Connor House is a ministry dedicated to providing a Christian home that houses and helps single, pregnant, homeless women and their children. Over the past 15 years, they've served and sheltered over 440 women and children in their community.

The O'Connor House's Celebration of Life fundraising event will take place virtually on Friday, March 5, at 7pm. The theme is "LOVE FOOLISHLY", and it will feature an intimate concert by Nashville recording artist Damien Horne. This is a critical event for their ministry where supporters gather to Celebrate Life and back the O'Connor House's mission!

If you're interested in sponsoring or attending the event, visit the O'Connor House's website. Your donation will help provide daily essential needs for each resident and tools for self-sufficiency and future success. Each time you give to The O’Connor House you help them “LOVE FOOLISHLY” and provide a safe and loving home to young mothers and their children.


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